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The Wild Feathers and Caitlin Rose


Hey y’all!  I hope that everyone is having a good Saturday.

Here are two musical acts that I’ve enjoyed recently.

The first is a band called The Wild Feathers.  I originally heard this song, The Ceiling, on the radio.  I Soundhounded to try and learn what it was but Soundhound didn’t know.  So, after some looking, I discovered the band and the song.  This is a new band, sort of, they formed in 2010, and they have a debut album coming out on August 6th.

I really like the way this song sounds and I want to hear more from the album.  For those of y’all who don’t happen to live in Podunk (like me…I love it, but it is Podunk times 2), you might even be able to catch them on tour this summer.  I think that they’re opening for Dylan.  Now, that would be a concert.

You can get this song and one more for free at their website.


Second song is by Caitlin Rose. It’s called Menagerie and is an earworm for me…so y’all have been forewarned. I was listening to it earlier and Jon walked in and said that it reminded him of a Loudon Wainwright song. Sort of in the Grey in L.A. vein. That’s high praise. High praise, indeed.

Happy Saturday!


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