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I think that maybe one of the things that I most like about the internet, besides being able to hear all kinds of music and being able to look up facts, and buy things for sale all over creation, is that I can look into the homes of ordinary people.  Yes, these are stylish folks, but their homes are not in magazines (well, sometimes they are…).

Anyway, I’ve run across some home tours lately that I’ve loved and wanted to remember.  They are:

Anne’s house tour from Little Green Notebook.  I really like how they hang their artwork.  It looks pretty, pulled together, and personal.  Very nice and doable.

Love, love, love everything about this cottage.  Love all the white and natural wood.  Love the simplicity. Love the built in seating and the wall of books.  I would take it in a minute.  My mom, Susie, told me that I needed something just like this.  Susie totally gets me.

This is a delightful little cottage.  There is a lot going on — and I wouldn’t be comfortable with all of the “stuff” if this were my house.  But, the organization is evident and it looks cozy and wonderfully colorful.  Also, I would be happy to have all this gal’s jewelry.  Any? All? I’d take it.

Finally, I love just about everything that I’ve seen of AB Chao’s house.  The girl has style.  However, this image of a corner of her dining room?  Adore it!!  I love the paint color, like her drapes she made from dropcloths, and the covet the modern art behind her.  Not to mention the Bertoia chair.  I feel the need to paint something….maybe I’ll start with this color?  I think that it’s Hague Blue, from Farrow and Ball.


Happy Thursday, y’all!  (How can it be Thursday, already?)


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