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Long Time, No Blog


Well, y’all, sorry for the unintended hiatus.  I didn’t blog for what felt like a week and it turned into a month, lickety-split.  The passage of time is scary, fast.

Anyway, I hope that y’all are having a good Spring!

Mine, so far, has been Spring Break (boys), Spring Break (me), Easter, IEPs, meetings, busy, busy, busy.

I’ve been doing a little ruminating, too.  Those of you who know me in person know that my personality goes more toward the Red Riding Hood direction, skipping along with no thought of a Big Bad Wolf.  That is true — most of the time.  But, Spring is the time of planning for next year and so the ruminations have been rather fast and furious, lately.  I don’t know how the Chicken Littles among us do it…..just a little Chicken Little for me  and I’m done for.  So, back to Little Red Riding Hood….though, I am a little bit older and, hopefully, wiser than Little Red, so maybe I’ll pack a stun gun in my picnic basket and get back to skipping.  Do you hear me, ruminations?  I’m packing.  Be warned.

Sounds like a plan to me.

Mama Susie and #3 and #4 at Cane Creek Nature Preserve

This is some of what we did on Spring Break.  Can you believe that this gorgeous place is 10 miles from where my parents live?  North Alabama is beautiful and unexpected.  You drive down winding country roads, past some chicken houses, and several Baptist churches before going down a rutted road.  Then, you suddenly come upon 700 acres of pure, undisturbed gorgeousness and the nicest hosts you’ll ever meet.  There are beautiful caves, a canyon, a lovely creek with very chilly water and smooth stones for barefoot walking on, waterfalls, rare wildflowers, and lots of  hills for climbing.

I can’t wait to go back….in the fall/winter when the bugs are asleep — totally, completely asleep.  Usually I’m a big fan of bugs.  I find them very entertaining, captivating, really.  They don’t bother me in general, except for the little ticks.  Why?  Because little ticks look a lot like freckles…..which I have like, a million of.  So, it gets a little confusing for me.  Other than that, bugs don’t bother me.  For instance, I now have ants in my kitchen.   They don’t seem to be the type to get into the sugar bowl or onto the mangos, so, you know, we’ll live in peace.

Speaking of mangos, I had a lovely one today in a salad with some avocado.

Speaking of avocado, I got 9 today at Aldi for 10 cents each.

Speaking of Aldi, I love it.  Big time.

Speaking of big time….I’m big time rambling now, so I’ll go.

But not for a month again.

Happy first day of May, y’all!





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