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Music Monday #1


Okay, y’all, I’m going to see if I can keep up with posting every day.  I figured that it’d help if I had a few dedicated days of the week.  So, since it is Monday and I’m scatterbrained and I need to go to the library and I need to find a turkey and I need to find a piece of chocolate and have  a cup of tea and about a million other things…..we shall deem Monday as the day for music on AnnieBlog.

I think this band is an awesome way to kick off my new blog category.

These folks are called the Alabama Shakes.  The just released their debut EP.  So far, I’m really impressed with this band that hails from Muscle Shoals, Alabama.  They know how to bring it, you know?  And, their lead singer, Brittany Howard, has a voice that somehow reminds me of Wilson Pickett and Aretha, too.


This is their song, “I Found You”.

I can’t wait to hear the rest of the album!

Okay, now I’m off to find a turkey!  Happy Monday!

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