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Gorgeous Gift Guide


Now, the chances of me getting some online shopping done is in negative territory today.  I’m preparing a Thanksgiving feast/cooking like crazy.  (Insert muffled scream, here.)  But, you may not find yourself in the same boat.  And, even if you are cooking, maybe you need to sit down every so often.


Yes.  Do that.


So, during breaks or whatever, you might like perusing this wonderful gift guide.  I  know nothing about the gal who put it together, but, wow, did she find some awesome stuff.  It is arranged really thoughtfully, as well, and includes gifts in all price ranges — with over 125 gifts under $30.  Even if you’re not much of a gift buyer (I’m not) or an online shopper (ditto earlier statement) this could serve as an inspiration book for you.  It may even introduce you to some fantastic online shops that you didn’t know about before — I know it did for me.  If  you are an online shopper, well, this gift guide is great because clicking on the item takes you right to the website *and* there are gift codes on many of the featured gifts that you can use when you make your purchase.

Okay, y’all, have a great Wednesday!  I’m sallying forth to get this feast done.


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