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Hey Y’all!


Sorry that I’ve been gone from here, y’all.  My October and end of September looked just crazy on the calendar and, in truth, they were even crazier in real life.  But, good crazy, though.  Finally, I’ve come to the realization that this amount of crazy might just be the new normal.  And so, I’m going to try to get back on the every day blogging wagon.  Even if it is just sharing a link or a quick photo or something one of the boys has said.  I’m a really terrible record keeper in general.  So, basically, if I want to remember something then I need to blog it.

I had an experience last night that I never want to forget.  I mean, Cardinal Nation had a great night last night, too.  We’ve got a collective smile for the whole human race today, I think.

I did not know or care about baseball when I moved here.  Really, it has taken my son being interested and going to games in person to really get hooked.  I think I’m hooked for life, though, now.  Especially after last night.

Talking about how crazy my calendar has been, well, last night there was one thing on my calendar and that one thing was to attend the blow out costume party put on by Jon’s employer every year.  It is one insane party.  There were crazy costumes and lots of beverages and some musical guests came, too.   You might recognize them….Young MC, Rob Bass, Coolio….

So, Jon and I went to the party.  We dressed as Mr. and Mrs. Jon Barlow.  It turns out that our lack of costume inspiration was a good thing, in the end, because one of Jon’s coworkers ended up leaving the game early in order to come to the party.  Bless him, he scanned his tickets out on the way out of the stadium and gave them to us.  Well, he didn’t exactly hand  them to us but passed them along by some coworkers.  So, we had a few anxious minutes as we (mainly Jon) walked around looking for the elusive tickets, while I listened to Young MC sing “Busta Move” on stage while watching King Tut dance by a gladiator gal who had the presence of mind to bring her lighted hula hoop.

It was all a little surreal.

But, we eventually found the tickets, walked the few breathless blocks to the stadium and managed to get in there for what might be 4 of the most dramatic, nail-biting, heart-pounding, euphoria-inducing innings of baseball that I’ll ever see.



I now know what it’s like to be walking down the street surrounded by 50,000 ecstatic people who are yelling for minutes on end out of sheer joy.  I’ll never, ever forget it.


Go CARDS !!!!!!


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