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Well, I’m sorry to be absent here for awhile. I’ve decided it’s not the first week of school that’ll get you — the second one will do you in. Not really. It is just that all of the open houses and meetings and stuff happen in the second week of school in the evening. So, for the homebody like me, well, that sort of throws a wrench in my happy little routine. Seriously, I had something to do for 4 out of 6 days in the evening. Of course, I don’t know what my problem is, if we’re here next year my boys will be in four schools instead of three. So this was a light year. Sheesh.

Meanwhile, this little buster here shown in one of the only moments of shyness in his LIFE (I knew I had to record it for all posterity),

Side note — Oh, how I love these buster’s eyes. They’re framed so well by the lunchbox handle…

has kept things a little interesting by having a fever one night followed by energetically engineering (before 6 am) the next day a morning of cookie baking by clearing the table, putting dirty dishes in with the clean in the dishwasher and then turning the whole thing on, wiping off the table with a hand towel that contained a gallon of water at minimum and locating and placing the special cookie plate by climbing up to get it. Oh, yes, he was doing this with our house guest ensconced on the sofa that was a few feet away. The guest was no longer sleeping because who could through that, really? Then on Saturday he was nearly responsible for a hazmat team being needed at the pool bathroom. Now that was thrilling.

School is good, though. All the boys seem to be doing from okay all the way to excellent in school — and I think that most of y’all would know without me saying so who is hitting it out of the park and who is moseying along and doing his best when he thinks about it.

One more thing, on the way to school this morning my youngest covered the topics on his mind which included: the Christmas tree skirt and his thoughts concerning it, the all of the attributes of the bird that he had made up called a Crystal Valcon, and his super hero name.

So, I asked him what his super hero name was……

….wait for it……

he’s the Electric Waistband.

The things he comes up with.

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