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Happy New Year…


Happy New Year…

and a belated Merry Christmas to y’all! I’ve been sort of off the grid, traveling and such, so that is the reason that I’ve been gone here.

Well, we’re here at the beginning of a new year. I like that word, beginning. When I think about beginnings, I get a picture like

this in my head. I’m going to try and remember this image as 2010 rolls along and try to picture hope and prosperity and happiness and belonging over the next dune. Because, in reality, I don’t know what is out there. Of course, none of us ever knows what is coming, but this next year for our family feels more uncertain than usual.

And that is saying something.

Jon will get his Ph.D. in May. What then? Will we stay in this house, in St. Louis? Yes, no, maybe? Employment changes, yes, no, maybe? Moving…..yes, no? Changes in the boys’ schools/educational plans…yes, no? Denial….yes, no?

You see my difficulties here.

Luckily, there is always something to distract me. Like, resolutions, for instance. I’m sort of pathetic when it comes to resolutions since mine are always the same, but I’ll share them anyway.

1. Stand up straight. By this I don’t just mean unhunch the old shoulders but have ballet posture, once again. Maybe I’ll pretend that Madame Gossett, my old ballet teacher, is around. That should do the trick on the posture thing.

2. Stomp my foot less. Also, related to this, swear less. Maybe I should take up a high-impact sport, as I suspect this will be difficult.

3. Keep learning. Cook new stuff. Write new stuff.

4. Read more.

5. Make the busters help out more. I can just hear the moaning now.

6. Throw more stuff away. Determine the elements that make up the pile of unknowns in my basement.

7. Finish stuff. Quilt, etc.

8. Smile more. 🙂

How about that for some mundane goals?

Alright, I’m going to rescue this boring post by telling y’all my menu to celebrate New Year’s.

Gin and Tonics, Chips with Homemade Pico de Gallo

Spicy Shredded Pork
Saucy Hopping John served over Cheese Grits
Sauteed Savoy Cabbage (or slaw, I can’t decide)

Upside-Down Apple Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream

Now tell me what y’all are cooking, eating, resolving and such. Thanks, always, for stopping by!


  1. I love those “mundane” goals. They are great. And, reading your goal about standing up straight, I totally nodded my head, knowing that you were a ballet dancer. I can see how that posture fits you. Even if you have let it slip, it is still lingering to a degree. Happy New Year!

  2. I need to hear about this hoppin’ john and cheese grits. i never know what to do with black eyed peas for new year’s. the chef who catered our wedding reception in auburn always served the most fantastic black eyed pea dip in his restaurant. i keep trying to replicate it, but it is never the same. short of emailing the chef, which i may actually do, i think the best thing to do here is just go a whole different direction. i’d love your recipe if you think it is worth sharing.

    i hope you can stick to your resolutions- though we all love you just the way you are 🙂 but if they distract you from more serious matters beyond your control, go after them!

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