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Images from 24 Hours


Images from 24 Hours

I wanted to show y’all what I put together today and so I set about downloading the photos from our camera. Now, this is the hardest working little camera probably anywhere…as my pictures will show you.

First off, we have last night as little #4 went to sleep with his new (to him) toy and best friend, Humpty Dumpty.

Then, next here is one of the lots and lots of lego pics my #3 son took as he prepared to make his next lego movie.

Then we have the big important job of the morning — head gasket. I think….I’ll have to check with Jon. I just love being married to a handy guy.

Finally, here we have some pillows that I made for my living room.

A few months ago, my dog chewed off the corners of all of my pillows that I had made with my echino fabric, darn him. I had some of squares from my quilt project laying around, and so I decided to use some of them to make some pillows.

Pillows make me happy, they jazz up my room. For some reason, none of my males like pillows. Oh well, I say. Must be that Y chromosome.

I made them 2 sided so that I could flip them and get a different look.

Now you’ve seen them pristine. That they will never look quite this good again, is, unfortunately, a given.


  1. Valve cover gasket. Don’t think I’d try the headgasket on this van. Actually, I probably would if it were our second car and not our only car 🙂

  2. only car? what happened to the volvo? annie, i love the pillows! they are very chic, very annie b. i can see why they make you happy. although, i have to say, i am not a fan of the throw pillow in my own house. they pretty much just get thrown around (hence the name?), and if i ever find myself sitting up against one, i end up being the thrower. but they do look nice, especially these 🙂

  3. Love the pictures of the boys. I made your granola and we really liked it. Thanks.

  4. Fabulous! My males are also lacking in appreciation for the wonder that is the Throw Pillow. They are an economical way to add pizzazz…easy to put together…and, in my opinion, often make or break a room! Love yours!

  5. Thanks, all, for your compliments on my pillows! 🙂

    Miss Mary Emma, I’m so glad that y’all liked the granola. Thanks for commenting!

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