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The First Day of School


The First Day of School
All right. Here we have the obligatory first day of school photos. First up, we have #2 and #3 posing before taking off for school that first day.

Then we have these other two — action shots are the best we can do, with these guys.

Here is another of #4. It is his first day of kindergarten. Let us have a moment of silence for his teacher. I’m sort of kidding…sort of.

And here, again, at school. Doesn’t he look like he’s up to something?

Well, turns out that he WAS up to something. Seems that one pair of eyes wouldn’t do, for kindergarten, and so he decided to acquire another pair on his belly.

You don’t want to face kindergarten without your belly eyes. Nope, not an option, apparently.

So, I mildly asked him to keep his belly eyes to himself, gave him a smooch and dumped him in the classroom among all the doting parents with cameras and tripods and adoring looks at their little precious ones.

And that was the first day of school.


  1. They look so darling – all of them! I loved talking to J the other night. I just wanted to reach out and give him a big squeeze and kiss on the cheek, but decided it probably wasn’t appropriate for a 7th grade boy…

  2. Jessie, J loves kisses. Feel free to lay one on him the next time you see him. That boy, I’m glad that you were there to witness him mistakenly drinking that wine the other night. So many times I’m the only one who gets to laugh at the things he gets into.

    It was great seeing y’all!

  3. Fun back to school pics!

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