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Star Wars Slip


Star Wars Slip
During communion at our church, when passing the wine, we also pass the peace of Christ to our neighbor by saying, “The peace of Christ be with you.” Today my 8 year old slipped. Instead of saying, “The peace of Christ be with you,” he accidently said, “And may the Force be with you.”

It was going to happen sooner or later. Though, I suppose that the peace of Christ is sort of a force, in its way.


  1. Did you crack up laughing?

  2. Yes, we laughed about it. Thankfully, it is pretty noisy at that point of the worship service.

  3. A few years ago I said to Eric, “The force be with you” and he replied, “And also with you” which cracked me up too. Sooner or later that liturgy sinks in, doesn’t it?

    Great story.

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