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I Need Some More China


I Need Some More China
like I need another hole in my head….but LOOK. Isn’t it wonderful? Not only does it feature one of my favorite things, it also features my favorite colors, together. It also reminds me of the drawings of E.H. Shephard and that is another plus.

I want some, big time.


  1. Oh Annie, those are so very pretty and so very you. I like them a lot. Could you just get a few of the accent plates? I’ll tell you what I’m wanting big time, the owl doormat at Target. It’s on sale for $8, but alas, I have no door! However, I am convinced that these plates could find no better food to serve than that which would be set upon them in your home! I wish I could get them for you!

  2. Just win the $1000 shopping spree that is advertised on the webpage with the dishes!

    They are really pretty dishes, plus you’d have the added bonus of N liking them.

  3. Abby,
    I think that I would be very happy to have some of those accent plates. The ones with the birds….love them. I’m seriously thinking of putting some on my Christmas list.
    You’re right…winning the contest is all that I need to do. Just one problem, I never win anything. In fact, Jon and I have a joke that Presbyterians never win anything. Of course, y’all are the exception with that cruise. Maybe I’ll enter the contest just to say that I did…..

  4. I love the colors also. Very pretty!

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