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Pushing Daisies


Pushing Daisies
is back on tonight!!! 7 o’clock. I’ve been looking forward to this!

P.S. I do think it’s pathetic how excited I can get about a favorite show…but, well, I can’t help it.


  1. yay for pushing daisies!! i was so excited that it was back too…lemme know what you thought about it!

  2. Becky, I thought it was good, but rushed. Of course, this is the first episode after a 10 month break…so I think that they were just trying to catch everyone up and not leave new viewers hanging. I’m hoping for it to be better next week.

    What do you think about project runway?

  3. i don’t have cable right now!! 🙁 SO SAD i haven’t seen PR at all this season!! *sniff sniff*

    i was a little, just a little disappointed in daisies. i think they made chuck look completely different with her new hairdo and way too much makeup. that was my problem with it. i also HATE bees so that ep kinda freaked me out a little, and i really HATE clowns too, so not so much looking foward to next ep….hopefully that gets all my phobias out of the way tho and i can start enjoying it again!!

  4. did you know that the girl who plays olive is the original galinda from the broadway musical wicked?? i was listening to my soundtrack and she sounded really familiar and i looked it up online and it was her…very cool!

  5. I was just so glad to have Daisies back that I couldn’t think of anything bad about it. I just had a goofy grin on my face the whole time. 🙂 (Haven’t watched tonight’s yet.)

    But I really popped over here to see what you thought of the Project Runway final three! I haven’t seen you post about it much this year (maybe I just missed it), so I don’t know who you’re rooting for…

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