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I’m walking down memory lane again….so let’s start with a photo.

Whoa. Check out that wallpaper behind me. That takes me back. And, yet, the halo of frizzy hair remains even now. I don’t know when this was taken but I think that it was when I was in 4th grade. What I do know is that it was a Friday. Why do I know this? Because, I wore my Dukes of Hazard t-shirt and jeans every Friday.

Do you remember the Fridays of your youth? I do. I looked forward to Friday, then. I didn’t look forward to it because of not liking school — because I did enjoy school. There was just something about that day.

Fridays just don’t seem the same to me now. Maybe that is what growing up will do to you.


  1. Um, I guess we could take a picture of our kids in our den and it would be mistaken for a digital reprint from the 1970s…

  2. No. Our den has wallpaper from the 80s. It looks like Laura Asley wallpaper. It is much more “pasteley” than the olive-brownish stuff of the what must have been the late 70s or early 80s in Anne’s picture.

    BTW, you were a really cute 4th grader.

  3. I meant Laura Ashley. Not Asley.

  4. You were a very cute fourth grader. I’m sure I would have flirted with you on the playground during recess.

  5. Thanks for saying I was a cute 4th grader. Y’all are too nice.

  6. You were so stinkin’ cute! Why oh why didn’t you all have a little red head??????!!!!! Ah well, I like those blondies too.

    I still love Fridays. I love the whole day. It’s like a big treat for me…I don’t know why, I just feel different on Fridays.

  7. Awww Annie that is such a sweet picture. I have one somewhere or another …May be at Daddy’s of me sitting in my parents living room holding you when you were just a baby. You were the first baby I was ever allowed to hold…

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