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On Being Calm


On Being Calm
Today I was trying to get E, the 3 year old to settle down for his nap. He has been sick on and off for a week, nearly, and I took him to the Dr. today because he had a nagging cough. So, of course he is wheezing and needs to sleep now.
Me: E, you need to calm down.
E: No, I need to CALM UP.
Me: (exasperated sigh.)
E: Let’s go to sleep, Mommy.

Sounds good to me.


  1. Have you been aware of the news about vitamin D? I have shared this before on Jon’s blog but if you didn’t see it over there, read this. More info at the Vitamin D Council web site.

    We have been giving the kids 2000 IU of vitamin D through most of the winter and still continuing until late spring. Sickness has been minimized. You may have trouble finding this amount locally but on line vendors have it.

  2. hey annie, I love it… And I have been going to Rose’s blog! That is my new favorite site- Thanks! And you’re so sweet, I miss you too girl! We are going to try to come up there this summer. But I’ll let you know, have a great week! ps- a word to replace the other: “rascal” I love that word, it sounds so innocent even though you are mad as “all get out!” 🙂 love kathleen

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