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I Find..


I Find..

…that browned butter anything is just too darn tempting. So, that recipe that I mentioned earlier this week — it’s dangerous, I tell you.

…that it really is true that burnt garlic is awful, big time. I made a tomato sauce this week that contained garlic that had cooked just a snazz too long and it was truly terrible. Jon tasted the sauce, thinking that I was blowing its vileness out of proportion. He found that I wasn’t. There are big spaces in this world for optimism. Amongst the burnt garlic….well, not so much. Sometimes there just isn’t any fixing to be had.

…that my oldest son is serious about telephoning the Jim Hensen Company. He’s found the phone number and has told me of his intention of giving them a ring and demanding to speak to Red Fraggle. We’ve been over about how Red Fraggle will not come to the phone since she can’t since she is a puppet being operated and given speech by humans but still he remains determined.

…that, in other news, my oldest is figuring out the ways of the world, somewhat. The other day, he announced to me and all occupying the office of his school that a student there, let’s call him Chris, is, “Rotten to the CORE!” When your autistic son recognizes this in another person it is a cause for celebration. Especially when, after your son has left the office bound for class, you ask the folks in the office, “So, this Chris, is he really that bad?” and they say, “Pretty much.” I just love it when my J gets what other people are up to. It makes my day.

…that my search for the perfect baked macaroni and cheese is now over. I give up. I’m done. I’ve found many a wonderful recipe but none has met with the approval needed for me to keep making it. So, like I said, done. This is my white flag.

…good, powerful song writing is wonderful but best taken in small doses. I’m talking about songs with lyrics that remind you that you’re breathing before commencing to beating you up, a little. That is why jangly songs like Everyday from Vetiver are good. “Entertaining but unlikely to cause any emotional damage” is a category of music for me. You can get a free mp3 by clicking here.

…that I want to see the new Harry Potter movie. I hope that they get it right. I’ve overlooked a lot until now, but if the filmmakers don’t do right by Neville and Dobby, well, then I know what side of the fence I’ll come down on. *Interesting fact: One of my sons once had a teacher who liked the Harry Potter books but had an intense dislike for Dobby. I did not think it possible to dislike him and have since pondered this occasionally. How could someone not like Dobby? I can’t wrap my mind around it.*

…I need to get to the store as soon as possible to get my Advent candles. It starts on the 28th, I think. Somehow Advent always gets the drop on me — but hopefully not this year.

…that I need to wrap up this silly, mundane, opinionated post and tell y’all that I hope that you have a pleasant Sunday.

Over and out.


  1. Annie, Neville and Dobby are always neglected in the movies, aren’t they 🙁

    I had a craving for baked mac and cheese just last Sunday, so I made Ina’s recipe and there were actually tears! My kids eat things like broccoli and hummus and pesto and green beans and spinach like champs- no complaints ever- and they CRIED over Ina’s mac and cheese! If you have a recipe that you and Jon and liked that was just vetoed by the pickier of your boys, I might like to try it. I think the problem with Ina’s was the nutmeg. But mmmm, I thought it was good!

  2. okay, i don’t know what to do, i just volunteered to try my hand at a mac n cheese casserole for thanksgiving. I told my mom that Ginger is known for her mac n cheese casserole and always makes it for holidays. I haven’t emailed her yet, but I hope I can pull this off with her recipe, maybe? Maybe not. And I can’t wait for the new Harry Potter…we’re hoping to have a date night, it’s only been over a year. But alas, I don’t ever have the comparison of the book. Joseph is reading them to the kids, but we are only at the Goblet of Fire, and I miss half of the reading time doing the dishes or laundry or something. And I love j’s description, “rotten to the core.” I think I am going to start using it myself! And finally, have you seen the “figure 8” scarf kit in Anna Maria’s shop? It is with her new Velveteen fabric. I just ordered some to make for Christmas presents for Mrs. Hogue and my mom. Well girl, you have a sweet Sunday too.

  3. Kathleen, you should make Ginger’s mac and cheese. I’m sure it is great. Especially if her recipe is one of those make and then bake kinds. Those do really well since you can make them ahead and then bake closer to eating time. I love those scarves from Anna Maria. The problem would be deciding which ones to make…maybe I’ll take a gander at everyone’s coats over Thanksgiving and I’ll have a better idea of what would go.

    Oh, Abby, I’m sorry about the mac and cheese tears. That’s no fun. And, I’m jealous of all that stuff that your kids will eat. You should maybe start with one from the Pioneer Woman or maybe Pam Anderson. They both have recipes that I enjoyed. I think the thing for kids is maybe making some that you don’t have to bake. I know that America’s Test Kitchen has a one-pot type recipe for mac and cheese that sounded good (and easy). I’ll try to find it on my hard drive and send it to you.

  4. I make baked mac ‘n cheese using a basic white sauce with 2 cups shredded cheddar added. I think having the right amount of onion and salt is the key. Then it is poured over about 4 cups of macaroni and bake it for about 30 min. But I will tell you that my kids who like the boxed mac n cheese do not really like the baked homemade kind. So I haven’t made it in quite some time.

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