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Dino In Love


Dino In Love

My youngest son, E, who is in first grade, pretends that he is some sort of dinosaur for part of every day. Usually he is a Velociraptor.

Okay, now you have the background you need to appreciate this little story.

A few days ago, I picked up my younger two boys at the end of their school day. We were headed to get my 12 year old at his school when my youngest started telling me about his day.

E: Ellen kissed me on the cheek today.
Me: Oh…okay. Well, is she a little girl in your class?
E: Yes, she’s my girlfriend.
Me: Hmmm, well, did you kiss her in return? (I was thinking that this is the most kiss-happy child in the world and it wouldn’t be out of the ordinary…)
E: No.
Me: Well, you know I’m not against kissing in general, but I don’t know if they really want the students to be kissing each other at school. What do you think?
E: (not pay attention to my response, said, recollecting happily) You know, Ellen’s kiss was just like Cathy’s. Cathy was a girl in my kindergarten who kissed me on the cheek last year.

At this moment E’s older brother was looking at him with a mixture of incredulity and disgust. Kissing girls is not on his list. Not only is his little brother kissing, but little brother is liking the kissing. Yuck!

Me: Well, E, just don’t get into trouble with the girls or do any kissing yourself, okay? (Amused, I mumbled to myself, “E, the first grade lady killer”.)
E: (gazing out the window, dreamily murmured) Yes, I’m just a Raptor who LOVES to mate!

I was laughing so hard that I nearly drove the car into a ditch.

Just another day in the life of the Dino Lover, I guess.


  1. They say great things, but this really might be the best so far!

  2. Finally…an honest male.

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