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If You Need Some Chicken Broth….


If You Need Some Chicken Broth….
then, use some of this. This is such a great product to have on hand when you occasionally need a cup or 2 of broth. It is really, really good. And, Schucks has it for $3.50 right now. It makes 40 cups per jar which is a fantastic deal — especially considering that it tastes great. I predict that if you try it you will never buy canned chicken stock ever again.


  1. Only problem is the color. I made a soup that’s usually a really pretty red, but the base I used (another brand…Minor’s) made it brown. Still tastes yummy though!

  2. Beef Base by this company is excellent too. I wonder if the Vegan No Chicken is good? (My bil’s current girlfriend is almost vegan. Puts a damper on my use of chicken stock.)


  3. So how much sodium is in it?

  4. Bobber, I don’t really look at sodium…but the chicken base is classified as “lower sodium” at 690 mg per 1 tsp. which makes 8 oz. of broth. Usually I use 1 tsp. to make 16 ounces. Don’t know if that answers your question.

  5. Yes, that answers it thanks. That’s a little less than you might find in a serving of frozen pizza. A little bit too much unfortunately (for me at least). I will stick to the Wylers no sodium powder for my stock.

  6. Annie, you are my hero! I will have to link you to my blog. You can do all these things I can’t do—on your to do list is to make clothes for the summer and sew up some slip covers!? I can’t even think about doing such a thing.

    I want to try some of your bread recipes too. Your bread looks perfect!

  7. RachelW,
    Thanks for your kind words and for dropping by. I’ll be sure to check out your blog. 🙂

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