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Yet Another Thing I Thought I’d Never Have To Say


Yet Another Thing I Thought I’d Never Have To Say
to one of my children. Of course, this thought that I’d never have to say something like this was long ago, when I was still naive and thought that my children would be rational and stuff like that….

Me: E, you may NOT eat any more ants. Do you hear me?
E: But, Mom, I just love the way arthropods taste.
Me: Please, stop licking the sidewalk.

By the way, we were at the pool — where there were are other people to observe our unusual behavior. Lovely.

Guess who follows the beat of his own drummer?

Guess what? He’s not the only one.

Guess what, else? If the beats of all of the drummers that are followed by my interesting progeny were actually audible, well, I’d have quite a cacophony on my hands.

I’m just saying.

Happy last day of June, y’all.


  1. How funny!!! Next time put chocolate on them.

  2. Oh my! I can just hear you…in your firmest southern drawl (which I imagine as sweeter than my most gentle voice). Did you crack up at his answer? If it makes you feel better, Alex Anderson used to eat worms. 😉 Well, OK…he only did it once.

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