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My Superstar Husband


My Superstar Husband

The back story to this is me saying that I needed some new jeans. I wanted some to wear with a pretty sweater that Jon got me last year. I said that I couldn’t find any jeans — and this is true — but I hadn’t really looked or had the opportunity to look that much either. The extent of my “looking” is usually a one minute survey of my size at Marshall’s. Also, the jeans these days don’t fit me so well. Usually, if I find a pair of jeans that fit me in general, the waist is way too big. I mean, like, so big that I could fit a sack of flour with me in the waist of the jeans. So finding a pair that fit *and* that I can afford is kind of rare.

So, last night, on his way back home from the autoparts store, he dropped in another store and brought home 3 pairs of jeans for me to try. And, they all fit. Every single pair. What a great guy.

Only one example of his superstar abilities. 🙂


  1. Well, I might have to go back and re-purchase them because frugal Ann returned them all 🙁

  2. You returned them?!!! I can’t even imagine my husband ever buying me clothes…..ever. Actually one time he bought me a huge (I mean like man’s 2xl) performance fleece sweatshirt from Old Navy that he thought I would love….after that I told him not to ever buy me clothes again, he agreed.

    Merry Christmas, safe travels to you.

  3. He must have the Traveling Pants gene. I have the opposite problem. For the waist to fit, the backside and legs always look like they should be filled with a couple extra hams and turkeys.

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