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My Bookends


My Bookends
I wanted to show y’all my bookends before writing about food totally takes over my blog. I mean, I like food anyway, but it seems like the season of food starts with my birthday (the day before Halloween) and lasts all the way into the first of January when my two youngest sons celebrate birthdays.

So, before the food takes over, I wanted to show you this picture…

Look closely, do you see two or one?


Two boys who share the same chin, and nose, and forehead. They have almost the same blonde hair and the same mouth, too. They both have a laid-back demeanor. In addition, they share a complete lack of need when it comes to personal space as you can see here with youngest plunked in oldest’s lap so as to see the computer better.

That’s right, as long as oldest son’s mouse hand is not disturbed all is well with the world.

Busters, the both of them.


  1. And let us not forget that they both have humungo heads.

  2. in this picture, J looks remarkably like C to me (is it the eyes?), and also very much like you. i don’t know, he looks less animated than usual, so i am seeing him from a different angle. E, on the other hand, looks exactly like E! and yes, they do look very much like each other. that beautiful blond hair and blue eyes!

  3. You’re right, Abby, J and C do look alike — especially face shape and chin and nose. #2 is the one who is different all except hair and eyes, of course. In this pic I just thought it funny how their profiles matched up so perfectly.

  4. It must be an optical illusion but their faces look the same size despite the years difference in age.

  5. God gave them big noggins so there would be plenty of room for all that eccentricity.

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