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I just read this article about an amazing building in New York, 190 Bowery. In its previous life, it was a bank. A photographer has been living in for over 40 years now. It has 72 rooms, 6 floors, an elevator,……and it only cost him 102,000.

Wow. Amazing.


  1. Yea, I just read that last night, too. I was pretty floored. Mainly, b/c I would sell, sell, sell! 45 million? Who says no to that? I guess they must be doing okay just to have the money to upkeep the place – its got to be unreal how much they spend on that alone. And after my first electricity bill, cooling 1100 square feet, I can’t even begin to imagine what theirs would be?! Has to be several thousand. I can’t wait to walk this area and take a look at it…

  2. Wow is right! What a fantastic article.
    You have a great blog. I got a kick out of “the last straw AND the last cup.” Very cute.

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