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Just Checking…


Just Checking…
to make sure that y’all don’t think that I’m totally off my rocker — with regard to the previous post. I said that neurotypical (normal) kids are easy. Of course, this isn’t true. Parenting any child is a really difficult endeavor. I should have said that neurotypical children are comparatively easy to parent. I wouldn’t want to offend my limited readership by acting like I have the hardest job….I know that I don’t. No offense meant, okay?

And how did the first day go? It went fine. I should have known that it would.


  1. as if you could offend anyone, annie barlow! i am sure everyone knew exactly what you meant, and I for one, wish I handled parenting my neurotypical children with even a fraction of the grace and sense of humor that you have! i am so glad the day went well. the three different schools alone would be enough to have me pouring a nice tall whiskey and coke around, oh, noon or so 🙂 cheers!

  2. Abby’s right. . . I don’t think anyone would take offense with that statement coming from *you*. Somebody else, maybe. You? Never!

  3. Agreed, here. And I am potentially willing to admit that your job is much harder than mine. I admire and respect you above many many people in life! Anyway, we haven’t had our first day yet….hoping for the best, though!

  4. Thanks, y’all. Your kind words mean a lot to me…. 🙂

  5. Ha! I could completely agree with you since I have my own autistic kid. Good grief, I remember when he was little it was like having a troop of five kids all at one time. And it was just him! I always thought of him as a bag of marbles—if one drops out they all do, and then you are constantly scrambling around to gather him up!

    As my boy is older, I find that it is difficult for me to have to warn people about my child so that they will not get offended by him, or come to me with problems easily explained by his condition.

    You have a really hard job. Now, having two or three autistic kids would be harder!!! God gives us all grace.

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