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Deep Breaths


Deep Breaths
I don’t feel weepy on the first day my children go to school. Never have. I actually think that getting weepy is sweet and it kind of doesn’t make sense since in my normal state I could get misty thinking about lots of things — the first day of school just isn’t one of them.

Maybe it is because I’m so dang nervous — for my boys. There will be lots of deep calming breaths taken by me today. And there is probably no reason for it. They’ll probably do fine.

Neuro-typical is easy y’all. FREAKING EASY, I tell you.

Thankfully I have an incredibly busy day to punch the anxiety down… store, target run, meet and greet at pre-k, home to pack lunch, lunch monitor at school, home to tidy a bit, off to get 3 sons at 3 different schools, home to fix dinner, off to a class on classical education.

Here’s to a happy first day of school, everybody, and to the weepers and deep breathers among us — this too shall pass.


  1. Different situations, similar mother reactions with our boys. . . Letting go is so much harder than protecting.

  2. You had a busy day. Probably just as well. Hope all went well. Joanie

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