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My youngest son has recently dropped his afternoon nap and has, instead, taken to falling asleep around 5 o’clock on some days. He sleeps so hard during these naps that it is very hard or impossible to wake him up for dinner. I tried to wake him the other day with no success, so I decided that he could just have his dinner later. We ate without him. After dinner, my oldest son, who can make quite a racket if he chooses, went into the room where my youngest was sleeping and woke him up. Youngest wasn’t happy — with anything. He was having one of those grumpy, groggy sort of awakenings during which he is pleased with nothing and no one. My oldest observed the Grouch and then suggested to Jon, “Dad, make him a tater tot that he can’t refuse.”


  1. He always makes me laugh…”Is this a greasy spoon?” Does he have any idea how funny he is?!

  2. Hey, Lori, that was my comment!

  3. You know, I don’t think that he has any idea how funny he is. Sometimes I wonder if he will ever know how funny he is because he has so little self-awareness. That boy.

  4. Things rarely make me laugh out loud. That was funny. That kid comes up with some funny stuff.

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