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Brushing Teeth


Brushing Teeth
So, the other night, I was brushing my oldest son’s teeth. I do this every night, despite his need to do things independently, because you know teeth are not the easiest or cheapest things to fix once messed up. Anyway, as I was brushing I noticed that I was having to hold my arms up higher than usual and thought to myself that he must be standing on a book or something. Yep. He was standing on something — his feet.

I’m now officially one of those people who are continually surprised by the growth of their children, the passage of time, etc.


  1. I know that feeling so well having experienced a similar experience the other day when I turned around and looked eye to eye with Katherine and realized she is as tall as I am…. Our oldest are growing up on us sweet cuz.

  2. That ALWAYS happens to me. My Oldest is 5’1! I can’t get over it.

  3. I guess you can relate to my surprise when my sweet little one grabbed the door knob ready to pull the door open. Since when was she tall enough to do that? I know it happened in her sleep.

  4. I’m one of those people, too.

    Especially with my oldest the past few months. And my youngest. The other two seem to be just about the same. But I’m freaking out about the my 11 y/o and 7 y/o getting so dang big.

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