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A Smattering of Thoughts


A Smattering of Thoughts
I’m disorganized, brain-wise, today. So, I guess that I’ll do a little recap of Thanksgiving. My parents came up for the holiday. We had a great time with them. I made some old and new recipes this year. Repeats were the dressing, squash casserole and salad (becasue it really wasn’t a recipe), the mashed potatoes and the rolls. New successes were the pumpkin praline pie, maple sweet potatoes, fresh cranberry relish with Grand Marnier, and the ham. Both the ham and pastry recipes came from the current issue of Cook’s Illustrated. I urge y’all to give this issue a look, if you don’t already have a subscription. The pastry recipe was super easy to work with and very forgiving. I actually re-rolled the pastry and it *still* turned out okay. The surprise ingredient? Vodka. I kid you not.

I have to go now. My youngest is playing a song of his own creation on the piano and singing along. Guess what the words are? “Mommy, I have a poopy, will you change my poopy?”

Will this child ever be trained? Well, you know what I get to do now. Have a good Monday, everybody.


  1. Yes he will be trained. Don’t give up..I thought T would never be. He took his sweet time and when he finally was it was wonderful until we had to work on getting him to not totally underess in the Walmart bathrooms everytime he had to go potty. lol

  2. Hey Martha! Good to hear from you. I know, after E is trained — whenever that blessed event occurs — I’ll have to work on the not getting undressed thing, too. I have to tell you that I’m glad that he’s not the only one.

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