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Project Lunch, Project Runway


Project Lunch, Project Runway

The boys had a good first 2 days at school. Yahoo. So far, everything is working out well. All they have to do is to start eating lunch faster — they keep coming home with lots of lunch leftover. They complain of not having time to eat it. And, maybe I believe them. I do know that #1 is usually too distracted to eat lunch anywhere. I know also that #2 likes to talk to his classmates much more than eat. I do know that #3 is sometimes quiet and focused. He managed to get his lunch eaten today. So, we shall see. I don’t feel concerned about it yet. They need to figure it out, though. They look like walking skeletons to me. At least they are remembering to drink their milk.

I’m looking forward to watching Project Runway Wednesday night. Michael is my favorite — has been since the coffee filter dress. And I didn’t even know that he grew up in Montgomery until today. I also like Uli. I really hope that one of them wins the whole thing. So far, they have both had really strong beginnings. Kayne might also have a shot — but versatility-wise he just doesn’t have the chops, in my opinion. If you have cable and haven’t caught the show yet, I would encourage you to give it a look. It isn’t too late to jump on for this season.

That is the end of my boring post. 🙂 Y’all have a good day.


  1. I agree that Michael is the clear favorite and Uli is second. I’m terribly afraid that Angela or Vincent will make it to the final round, and I’m pretty sure that won’t do at all.

  2. I know, Dawn, I don’t know why Angela and Vincent are still in it. And, it is too bad that Allison had to go home. I really liked her.

  3. I remember my kids coming home with half eaten lunches and then eating the rest when they got home because they were sooooo hungry. Glad to hear they did okay.
    BTW Ellen got in the car after her first day at Wildwood and said, “Can I go full time next semester?” I told her no that the proper response to getting in the car after your first day in school after being homeschooled should be tears and hugs to your mom because you missed her so much!

  4. I liked Allison too. I think Laura should probably round out the top 3, but Uli or Michael will win. Hopefully Michael.

  5. My kids have also said that they don’t have enough time to eat lunch. They have about 20 minutes. It has gotten a bit better with each day, though.

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