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Do You Know What is Funny?


Do You Know What is Funny?
A woman attempting to put a glaze on her foot-and-a-half long hair (did I mention that she is no good with cosmetic-type stuff) while trying desperately not to get it on the white Marimekko shower curtain or anywhere else in the miniscule bathroom.

Oh, wait, it gets funnier. When she is trying to rinse out the glaze, she hangs her head over the tub for what feels like forever (until it no longer looks like a murder scene happened there — did I mention the glaze is orange?) and when she stands up to check it in the mirror, she thinks that she is having some sort of bizarre allergic reaction because her face and hands are so red. After putting her remaining brain cells to work, however, she determines that her face and hands are red because she was basically doing a modified handstand in the bathtub for like 5 minutes.

Said woman then resolves not to attempt cosmetic things past 10 o’clock at night because the critical thinking skills needed — like remembering to bring a hair clip, say — are sadly lacking.

Lesson learned, and the Marimekko survived. Whew.


  1. Sounds funny alright…Let me know how it turns out.. .

  2. Well, the hair of said woman looked perfectly normal at church today, so all’s well that ends well.

    BTW, do you realize there is an ad on your blog for “ENEMA RECIPES” – OH, MY GOSH!! Too funny…that’s one link I won’t be exploring!

  3. I know about the enema recipe ad…I mean, why? But I think that it’s kind of funny so I’ll just leave it.

    The hair glaze was sort of useless but the conditioner that came with it was awesome.

  4. you’re hilarious! and I’m jealous of the foot and a half long hair. I always do this- cut most my hair off after I have been growing it forever. And I just did it again and totally regret it! I think my brain cells were on the fritz too!! And I made two of your recipes on Saturday. The quesadillas were SO good, and I made bacon in the oven. It was great because lately the microwave has been shutting off the breaker when I use it, and that is where I cook bacon. So your post solved my bacon problem, and that really is some good bacon. So thanks annie girl!

  5. hey kathleen! I”m glad that the recipes worked for you. that bacon one is a keeper, isn’t it? And you don’t need to be jealous of my long hair because I’m getting ready to cut it off. Come September, I’ll be going to a salon for like the first time this calendar year. I’m trying to do that “Locks of Love” thing and I hope that I have around 10 inches to give them by then. Who knows?

    Thanks for commenting, Kathleen. I miss you.

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