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Packing, etc.


Packing, etc.
First off, I promise to not talk about packing for the 20 or so days left here. But I did have a pretty good idea today and I just thought that I’d share it. I thought of it today, when, after packing all of my china, pottery and other fragile items, I had run out of cushioning material(newspaper, plastic sacks, etc.) that I needed to pack that last box of wine glasses and other assorted stuff. That is when I spied the unopened pack of size 5 diapers that my son has outgrown. (There are little Barlows and big Barlows. He is a big one.) Anyway, I found that the diapers, when opened out, make great wrappers for wine glasses, small vases, sugar bowls and the like. I bet that you could even use the sticky tabs to make the glassware really secure in its little wrapping. I didn’t use the sticky tabs, however, and I was packing clean glasses in clean diapers in a brand new box, so, anyone who would like to have some free, size 5 diapers, just speak up. 🙂 They should be available about half-past August.


  1. That’s very creative, Ann! Who would have ever thought? And congratulations on the new home. I know you all will be glad to be there!

  2. Annie,

    I need to get your email address again. I had it years ago when we found out our oldest child has Asperger’s Syndrome. I have a question for you and you are the first person I thought to ask. My son is PETRIFIED of flying insects like dragonflies and bees. Usually anything that flies though. I just recently wrote of an incident that happened yesterday on account of this fear on my blog. I know you are in the middle of moving, but if you have any ideas (I know you are a concerned mom like I am) for me, I would greatly appreciate it. I am getting so frustrated.

    I hope the move is blessed and goes well! If you don’t remember me, I am Joel Wilhelm’s wife.

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