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Thanksgiving Dinner in Review


Thanksgiving Dinner in Review
This year, I had the fun of preparing Thanksgiving dinner for Jon and our boys, my parents and my sister and brother-in-law. And now, I’m kind of reviewing the whole thing in my mind, you know, thinking about what I’d make again and what I wouldn’t make again. The salad with sugared pistachios and feta with an orange dressing won’t be on the menu next year. I think that everyone ate that out of sheer politeness. My cornbread dressing definitely will be on the menu — it’ll probably be made several times more this year for that matter. The sweet potato biscuits were a last minute addition to the menu and will be made again, and soon. Also, I made a new pumpkin pie recipe this year. It was a custard version using a graham cracker crust and was really, really good. The color of the pie was beautiful and it had such a fresh pumpkin flavor. A definite keeper. I liked having the turnip greens, but I couldn’t get the credit for them since my mother brought them with her. I created the recipe for roasted sweet potatoes with caramelized apples that I made for the dinner this year. I think that it was a success and I plan on making it many times this year. Love those sweet potatoes.

As for next year, I plan on maybe incorporating a butternut squash recipe, probably a bisque, into the menu. Also, I might try to make some roasted brussels sprouts.

How about y’all — what did you like about Thanksgiving dinner this year? Do tell. 🙂


  1. Your menu sounds so “Southern Living” or “Food Network.” Very impressive! What I liked about this year was not cooking! But I will enjoy cooking a big holiday meal again the next time I have the opportunity. Seriously, though, our hostess made a yummy sausage dressing that I would like to try.

  2. First off, I loved that salad – it was great. The fact that some people don’t like feta, etc. doesn’t mean it isn’t good. I would love to have it again tonight.

    The cranberry relish was also amazing, as were all the side items.

    You didn’t even mention the rest of dessert – the torte, the apple pies, etc. All really good.

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