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He knows a good thing when he sees one…

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He knows a good thing when he sees one…
Last Sunday afternoon, we were sitting out in the backyard while the 2 middle boys were playing with their slip and slide. The 2 year old was pretending to be Steve from Blue’s Clues and the oldest was inside recovering from a mystery illness. Jon was trying out his new grill (a great Craigslist find) and I was sitting there daydreaming on the back step. Jon went inside to get the meat, or something, and handed me his beer to hold. The 2 year old wakes up from his make-believing Steve to observe with awe in his voice, “Mommy, now zhue hab 2 beers.” That boy pays attention to the important things in life. Yes sir-ee.

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  1. Yeah, Annie’s back! So happy for you to be in a new place. I hope J has a great year and that you will feel comfortable with the surroundings…if not there is always beer. 🙂

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