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Team Barlow


Team Barlow
You know, when you have a few children, all of them male, you start to get comments like, “Wow, just x more boys and you’ll have your own basketball team, etc.”. And, I’ve never been offended by such comments. I mean, they are much better than, “You know why this keeps happening, don’t you?”. The thing that I think is funny is that I can’t see all of our boys wanting to participate in the same activity, be it baseball, basketball, tennis, nothing, in fact, except for this. It is something all Barlow males enjoy….from the moment they crawl over to a wall and pull to standing just to dance a little. It is in their blood. You should hear them in the basement. They totally rock out. No, I don’t think that they will ever play on the same team, not a sports one, anyway. Now, a Barlow rock band — that I can totally see. I’ll be their number one groupie. 🙂


  1. Annie, that is really sweet. I’ll be a groupie, too.

  2. I’m impressed! That’s a far cry from the tambourine banging and recorder squealing that marches through my house so often. Can’t wait til the first album comes out 🙂

  3. It really isn’t that far a cry, though – seriously. All that tambourine and recorder work pays off. I’m sure you guys will have a great future Harriet Wheeler on your hands in no time.

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