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My poor in-laws. They got here on Wednesday and came down with a stomach virus early Thursday morning. They felt better by Friday, so we did get to go out yesterday but then they had to leave this morning. It was not the visit that they, or we, had planned on. At least the weather was not too nice. Having a beautiful day that we couldn’t enjoy would have made it even more terrible. Now, 2 of the 4 boys have the virus. Lovely. I predict that they will all succumb. I hope that Jon is spared. I hope that I’m spared, too. We shall see. So, the time for the rolling up of rugs, the covering the couch with a sheet, the washing loads and loads of laundry, the paying children who hit their target, the lysoling everything periodically and the opening of questionable doorknobs with the tail of my shirt has begun. The germaphobe in me has gone manic. It was bound to happen.

Update on Monday. Peace out, y’all.


  1. And, of course, let us not forget the washing of the hands. 🙂

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