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I can’t believe that it has been two weeks since my last blog post…time flies, especially in October. This is my favorite month of the year and it’s almost over. Oh well. I have a birthday coming here at the end of this, my favorite month. That is fine with me. I’m kind of tired of my age being a prime number. Something that is divisible by 2, 4, 8, and 16 sounds good. It’s just a number anyway, right? 🙂 Anyway, I sort of feel like my birthday has already come….Jon gave me my birthday present earlier in the month — a happy surprise — and my parents came last weekend bearing gifts. We had a great time with them. Also, Jon and I are going out to eat next week to celebrate. I think that we’re going to try a new restaurant. Don’t you love it when restaurants put menus online? So, I’ll sign off now. Maybe I won’t ramble so much next post. Maybe I’ll post a recipe or a picture of a little boy in a ferocious-looking alligator costume.


  1. hey …HAPPY BIRTHDAY… I’m back online again but no email…. do you have virus protections for your ibook…. I am using mine online for the first time in years and I don’t know if I need it for a mac… I think yes E says no

  2. Happy birthday Annie! It is only a number. At my age, I celebrate for several weeks. If you have to have birthdays you may as well enjoy them and be grateful for each one.

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