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Change of Coiffure

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Change of Coiffure

This is my baby last Saturday. We had gone to the Laumeier Sculpture Park to get some fresh air and sunshine. I think that what he was telling me here is that, if he ever has a daughter, he will name her Sparkle Barlow. He probably would, too.

A few days later, a bang trimming went awry and a much more grown-up-looking little boy took up residence.

Do you want to know the real problem, though, besides the fact that my baby is all little boy now — has been for awhile — and the existence of a envelope full of golden hair that now resides in my drawer, of course?

The problem is the eyes. They’re slaying me, y’all.


One Comment

  1. He is gorgeous, for sure! I bet Sparkle would be one of those girls you just can’t take your eyes off of!

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