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Mama Needs a Project


Mama Needs a Project
Sometimes, we just need to get things done. As in finished, forever, unlike many of the other things on our list like children and housework and all of the always-yet-to-be-done, etc.

That is what this post is about.

It is also about leftover fabric and a wild idea to make a wild looking chair from a few scant yards.

But, to understand just how wild this is you must understand my design druthers.

When it comes to design/interior decorating, I have a few preferences.
I like certain colors.
I like sparseness.
I like mid-century modern furniture with some antiques thrown in for good measure.
I like texture.

For example, a good example of what I like is this plate:

Sparseness, check.
Colors, check.

Likewise, this checkerboard art done by Jon and N for the living room has all of my favorite colors.

Some more examples of designs that I like:

But when it comes to my kitchen, I have other priorities. Like how I love to have red, whether it be my Kitchen Aid mixer or my

mantra, or my

kid art.

This is the space where Wedgewood has to share counter space with rustic pottery….

and where 6 people and a dog have to live and get along.

So, when I was considering slipcovering a little chair that I have in front on my kitchen window I did some serious thinking. It had to be durable. So I thought about oilcloth. And I fell in love with some. But, then I remembered that I’m way too frugal for that and I thought about some really busy fabric that I had in my meager little fabric stash.

So I sallied forth and made the thing. Just do it, right?

Thus ends the story of my crazy chair. I love it. I think that it would look right at home in the Weasley kitchen.

And so that makes me love it even more.


  1. wow, annie, that looks really great!

  2. I have never thought to compare you to the Weasleys, but I like it.

    And I love your style!

  3. Thanks, Elizabeth and Jessie! 🙂

  4. I love it. And I’m super impressed with your recovering abilities!!

  5. we have the best dog

  6. “I think that it would look right at home in the Weasley kitchen. And so that makes me love it even more.”

    *mush, mush*

    I just saw the scene from one of the HP movies the other night when The Barrow was burned by Bellatrix and crew. I nearly cried.

  7. Love the chair, pillow, and dog. Boy is cute too. Joanie

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