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Last Week in Pictures


Last Week in Pictures
I was too busy with logistics last week to get any of these pictures up. So, here we are, Sunday afternoon….time for the run down.

Here goes:

Son #2 on his first day of school. He was so excited.

Son #1 on his first day of school. He wasn’t holding still and so this shot is a little blurry. He wasn’t nervous. He was wondering what he would be having for lunch. Oh, to live in his universe where things that normally stress human beings just don’t count.

Here is #1 with Jon right before leaving. Jon is taking him to school this year (yea, Jon!) since we have 4 in 4 different schools. Just look at these two, if not for the freckles on #1 son’s nose, I would say that I was just the surrogate for Jon’s clone. Those freckle genes fight their way out, though, you know.

Number #3 son on his first day of school. He told his teacher that she made him feel warm inside. The teacher liked this — bless her. So far, he’s off to a great start.

And, finally, we have this little buster. Here is #4 on his first day of school. He was so excited that he couldn’t hold still, either. Now all I need to do is trim his bangs so that he can actually see the teacher, and all will be well.

So, that was the week that we had. First day over. First week over. Miles and miles driven — I feel like I basically spent my week in my van. You know what? I’m glad that we started school before Labor Day. A three day weekend soon after the start of school suits me very well.

Happy Labor Day, everybody.


  1. HEY ANN! Hope you’re doing well girl, all your boys are so grown! I can’t believe all your children are in school now, and I love seeing these pictures of them! I hope you are getting some rest today. I have sadly been neglecting your blog! I tried to email you on facebook, but I don’t know if you’re still on it or not. Things have been a little crazy here, Joseph has been out of work a couple of months. And we are so thankful that he just got a job offer last week and starts tomorrow. It’s in Meridian! It is so strange (and good too) that we will be moving there. We have to sell this house first, though, so who knows when that will happen. Hopefully soon! Maybe we can come to see you guys on your next trip down South, it would be so good to see yall again. Anyway, I just wanted to catch up with you girl. Take care sweet Ann!

  2. hey kathleen! it’s so good to hear from you. sorry about not responding on facebook…jon set my account up and i have never even seen it. how pitiful is that? Wow, that’s exciting news about your move and joseph’s new job! You are the queen of moving, seriously. We absolutely must see y’all the next time we come south.

  3. hey ann,
    i sent you an email to answer your question about who i locked in the bathroom in K. It was Heather Malone.
    Anyways, great pictures on your blog. Hope you find some good ways to spend your free time now that you have a little more. I’m sure you will!

  4. hey emme,
    thanks for writing back and satisfying my curiosity! 🙂

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