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Heaven Help Us


Heaven Help Us
My youngest son told me today that he has a girlfriend. She is in his 4-year-old preschool class. He told me that she has tall legs, blue eyes, blonde hair (wike mine, he says) and the name of Emma.

My oldest son has now discovered that there are br**sts in the world. It is like he has discovered that there are staplers in the world — that is how straightforward (and totally CLUELESS) he is about it all. The other day I asked him what he was doing and he said, “I’m looking at your br**sts.” And then he laughed. Jon and I laughed, too, because the way he said it was hilarious. But a split second after laughing, I felt a sudden deep sense of foreboding. Maybe it’s not too late for us to move somewhere remote? I have a feeling that all of this is only going to get harder.

Meanwhile, the two middle boys don’t want to know or have anything to do with girls and their visible anatomy. I’m going to count that as a blessing.


  1. I like right after he told us about his “girlfriend” that he called me his “manfriend”. I think the poor kid has never had a female friend before…

  2. I wish I wasn’t there when James said that.

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