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My baby said a new word today. He already says “Daddy”, “Mama”, approximations of his brothers names, “doggie”, “all done”, “again”, “uh-oh”, “no” (sometimes along with vigorously shaking his head, hoot!), “fish”, “Dis” (for Miss Liz) and “hi”, plus other words that I can’t remember right now. But, what was the new word that he said today? Well, he was in the kitchen with me and we were talking to Jon before the baby’s nap. He looked over at the counter and saw a syringe full of purple liquid. He sort of pointed at it and said, “avil”. Yes. He was pointing to the Advil in the syringe on the counter. Poor baby, he has had to take quite a bit of “avil” in his life. I guess that he should know the name of it!


  1. Annie, do you find that the baby is picking up words much faster than your older children because they are around him all of the time or do you find the trend pretty consistent among your boys (Jon included)?

  2. Brian, they have all had different rates of language acquisition and usage. Of course, J is in his own category on that one. N spoke early and well and I never thought that C would learn to talk. E reminds me of N a lot. 🙂 They are all so different.

  3. But with physical stuff, I think that E is benefitting from seeing his brothers do stuff. But he is also just naturally gifted at imitating movement. You should blog about his doing the hand wave with me (the breakdancing thing).

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