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Well, I was going to post about the funky orange chair that Jon got for super cheap…but I’m too tired to describe anything very well right now. My poor boys. Last night at 10, both my oldest and youngest started complaining about their ears. The youngest has been to the Dr. this morning and, surprise (not), he has an ear infection and he is wheezing. The oldest has an appointment this afternoon. I’m certain that he has an ear infection, too. So, last night was more sleepless than usual in the Barlow apartment. Thankfully, my children have grown up in these close quarters and somehow manage to sleep through their brother crying in the adjacent bed or screaming in the living room that is around the corner. I really notice the size of the apartment when one of the boys is sick. It seems like there is suddenly not enough space. Oh well. I’m just glad that I live in the age of advil and antibiotics and tubes put in the ears by ENTs.

Y’all have a good day.


  1. Kate was diagnosed with her first EI yesterday.

    I empathize with your sleepless night!

  2. Ugh. Two of our four boys have ear infections, too. Thankfully, they’re pretty mild ones.

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