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I’m thinking


I’m thinking
….that leaving chocolate out on the kitchen counter because it is convenient just doesn’t say “Handling stress well” to me.
….that I would like to post a great entry about my grandmother who never raised her voice. That sort of thing isn’t passed on genetically as far as I can determine.
….that Annie is a grownup. At least her life and responsibilities would indicate this. This is a constant surprise to Annie.
….that dear old Spurge might need a home other than with us. Sniff.
….would anyone like to have a 11 year old boxer/lab mix?
….it is a good thing that the baby didn’t choke today on that tab top from the root beer can.
….it would have been embarassing to explain that one to the pediatrician since he has pulled this trick before.
….a lovely few minutes was had today courtesy of the little forgetful boy who left the root beer unattended. Thanks, son.
….miracles do happen.
….I love my little family.
….things will work out.
….beer is wonderful.
….my husband is a dear man to put up with me and get me lilies and watermelon at the grocery store.
….I need to get to bed.
….tomorrow is another day.

What are you thinking today? 🙂


  1. I’m thinking..
    -maybe I should get dressed before noon
    -I should stop procrastinating
    -Annie is most funny when stressed
    -a dump could be cleverly disguised as “shabby chic”
    -I would go to any party where a Barlow band was playing!!
    -Maybe you and Abby should try to start a new neighborhood, if you got good neighbors the house seems less dumpsterish.

  2. I’m thinking…
    -if April will get dressed before noon, I guess I can wake up before nine
    -it is amazing to me that you are surprised about being a grown up as this is exactly how I feel and you are much more the grown up than me
    -will we still be surprised by this in 20 years?
    -it is amazing that your husband even knows what a stargazer lily is and very sweet for him to bring you some but I’m sure you are not hard to put up with 🙂
    -I would love to start a new neighborhood with the Barlow family!
    -maybe if you just put the chocolate in a drawer it wouldn’t be as conspicuous, but still easy to get to if you need it.

  3. I am thinking…
    -I really like all of you guys.
    -I will be very sad when Annie (and Abby for that matter) moves away from me.
    -April would be a fun neighbor, too.
    -I have recently come to grips with the fact that I am definitely closer to 30 than 20 and get a sick feeling in my stomach every time I remember that it is the truth.
    -I think we WILL always be surprised by how old we are.
    -Maybe this is a good thing in life.
    -Kids…they are the ones who do it to you, I’d still be young if it weren’t for them.
    -But they’re worth it on most days…and for the days they’re not, there’s always chocolate!

  4. I’m thinking . . .
    –that I have neices and nephews the same age as Jessie and that gives me a sick feeling in my stomach.
    –that kids had better be what keeps us young or I’m in big trouble.
    –that it would be nice to be able to pick your neighbors.
    –that we can always be thankful there’s a tomorrow to look forward to.

  5. I’m thinking…
    that you all are having to much fun and I had no idea that there are so many comedians out of work.
    that I am painfully dull and your everyday lives are worth computer blogs
    that there really are amazing people I know
    that Rhonda H has done me a disservice telling me to check this out–

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