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This happened while I was in the kitchen making lunch the other day.

C (my 5 year old): Grrrr (hilarious growling), grrrrGraaaaawl!!!!!
Me: What are you doing, Honey?
C: (very dramatically) GGGGGRRRRRrrrrrrr, Mom, oh no…..a porcupine….BEHIND YOU!!!! AAAAAGGGGGGGGHHHHH!
Me: What? A porcupine behind me? I didn’t know that porcupines growl like that. Thanks for warning me.
C: Um-hum.

Then, a moment later.

Me: C, Honey, you need to eat your apple slices before you leave the table, okay?
C: Mom, do you know what apples are for?
Me: No, what do you think that they are for? (Thinking that I have absolutely NO idea what he is going to say.)
C: Apples are for cleaning the crumbs out of your teef.
Me: You’re right….they do clean crumbs out of your teeth.

I never know what he is thinking about or what he is going to say.

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  1. Off topic:

    Annie, I sent you a letter when you were in Birmingham, but I guess you had gone before it arrived. It finally came back to me a week or so ago. If you’d like it, let me know your snail mail address, and I’ll resend it.

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