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Miss Liz is doing better, everyone. She is in a regular room, now, and will probably be there for awhile. We don’t know exactly what is going on with her health-wise and, emotionally, she has had a bit of a rough time thinking about her future and what she will do. For example, will she continue to live alone? So that is where she is. She definitely looks so, so much better than she did this time last week. That is a blessing. And she is receiving excellent care at the hospital. We just hope for the best for her. That is all that we’re doing right now.

My inlaws are coming today and will be here for much of the remaining spring break week to visit with us. So I’ll be absent in blogland. I’ve been thinking about lots that I have to blog about, though, so check back next week and hopefully I’ll have more interesting content then.

Take care, everybody.

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