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King cake!


Well, happy FatTuesday everybody!

Today, I’m super excited to share with you all what is the final recipe for king cake that I ever plan on making.

Why? Because it is the best.

Also, bonus!, is the fact that this is just the easiest dough that I have ever worked with! I actually plan on using it for other breads as well throughout the year – that’s how much I like the dough.

The recipe is here in the Saveur website.

And, to illustrate, let me share with you some poorly illuminated images from my baking effort last night.

Here, you see the beautiful, glossy (but not sticky) dough, ready to be rolled out.


First, you roll the dough into a big circle. Then you tear a small hole in the middle. The filling is spread around the opening, leaving a little space, of course.


Here also is the young helper, ready to help me enclose the filling.

Ready for a second rise.




The glazed and sugared cake. (Sorry that it’s not on a beautiful platter, I don’t have one that is anywhere near big enough.)


Here’s a cross-section shot.


Okay, so that’s it! Let me reiterate this is the easiest dough to work with –ever! Also, it is absolutely delicious and, as Jon Barlow said today, this recipe totally cracks the code on king cake. He should know, he grew up eating them every February of his life.

Happy Tuesday, y’all!


  1. Looks awesome.

  2. Thank you! Didn’t make a King Cake this year (hotel living. . . perks of not having to cook. . . downside is I don’t get to cook.) Looks delish!

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