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Hosiery, Homeschooling, and the Dark Side


Well, today I tried to select hosiery at wal-mart. I have to attend a wedding this weekend, and I think that sheer skin-toned hose — a la Kate Middleton, Duchess of Something, is just the ticket. Unfortunately, I have not bought hosiery in many a year, and it turned out to be only be slightly less difficult than rocket science. I think. Not that I’ve ever done rocket science.

I’m glad that’s done. Fingers crossed that it works out.

I even picked some nail polish to sort of go with the shoes I’m wearing.

Who am I? Sometimes I frankly don’t know. But, I totally nailed the color. So this really happy thing! Because that means I don’t have to go back to Walmart. Yay for that.

Before I bought the nail polish, I made sure that I could return it. You know, Walmart has interesting return policies. Most of the time – return are no problem. But if you get paint off the clearance shelf then let me tell you there will be no returning that stuff. Though, if you are persistent like some crazy lady I know, you can perhaps inspire them to re-tint your clearance paint into something away from crazy, iridescent orange and more toward a lovely, rich red. This is awesome when you want to paint a doghouse for your pretty little Weimeraner, Star.


In other news, I am now homeschooling my third son. The 13-year-old. Turns out, I wish that I had made that decision about six weeks earlier. We are much less stressed around here, and probably quite a bit more educated, since yours truly is getting a review of all things eighth-grade.

So, it’s me and this boy. All day, everyday.


Speaking of boys, mine continue to shoot up like weeds and devour all our food. This was a couple if weeks ago in Memphis.


My busters.

Speaking of busters, James had this to say in commentary about one if his teachers:

The dark side, huh.

Life us many things… but it is never boring.

Happy Wednesday, y’all!

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