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First Day of School


Well, here we are, y’all.

I don’t know how it happened, but the school year started, today.

Fall semester. August 7th. (Why…so….early……?????)

Anyway, we’re rolling with it, of course. Though, with my boys and their issues, I’m always feel a little unbound when they head off on the first day. Now, they’re back home and I think that everything worked fine. The kinks are there to iron out…to be sure, but the kinks are kind of always there, right?

Sort of like death and taxes.

On days like this, I find distractions to be really awesome things. On the way home, in crazy first day of school traffic, I heard a great song on the radio. Turns out, it was off Jason Isbell’s newest album, Southeastern (album review: here). Now, Jason Isbell is another one of those great talents from North Alabama. He used to be with the band Drive By Truckers. Then, he went solo in 2007.  A couple of years ago, I remember listening to either his first or second album and thinking, “This is okay, but not for me.” And, to be honest, I don’t give bands much of a shot. I know what I like usually right when I hear it. Maybe that is what living almost 4 decades will do to a girl. I don’t know.

What I do know is that I really like the music off this album. I came home and listened to a Fresh Air that Jason Isbell did with Terry Gross and heard about how this his first album after becoming sober. He did a few songs for her, too, including a great version of his song, “Cover Me Up.” It was really beautiful.

So, here’s the song that I heard this morning that started my whole day of distraction thanks to music.  It is called “Stockholm”.

It’s a good one!

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