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So, in case y’all are wondering how to tell if you really have seasonal allergies, the true test is when you can’t smell the DEAD POSSUM that has met his maker under the floor under your kitchen sink.


Yik, Yik, Yik.

Related to this, Jon has the following advice when purchasing a ShopVac:  Buy the big ‘un.

My advice is to make sure to buy beer to treat any post possum removing stress disorder otherwise known as PPRSD.


I hope that y’all are having a delightfully possum-free Monday.



  1. The risk now is that no one will ever want to move to Mississippi when they read this. But to clarify for horrified, scandalized readers, our house is built up (not on a slab) and in Mississippi there are very few basements. So there is a crawl-space under the house where the furnace is, and you can easily get to the plumbing. One of our boys left the crawlspace door open, no doubt pretending it was a hobbit hole, and a poor young possum wandered in, crawled into a tight spot and apparently couldn’t get out. I had to actually saw through the cabinetry under our kitchen sink to investigate and that’s when I saw his snout. And when you find a possum, you have no idea if it is sleeping or dead, so the moment when you have to get it out of there is very tense. Thankfully he was dead. A bottle of isopropyl alcohol later, and the crawlspace is clean. In fact, after it was over, I pronounced “this house is clean” in my best Poltergeist voice.

    • been there. except the possum that died under our house in Alabama crawled in there after sustaining a mortal wound. there was a good deal of flies and maggots involved. PPRSD is real, y’all! we should wear possum tail ribbons on our lapels to raise awareness.

  2. Oh, your possum story definitely tops ours. Yeesh. Ours looked so pristine that we were wondering if it was, in fact, playing possum. All except for the smell, of course.

    • It was horrible. But the possibility of your’s “resurrecting” brings its own layer of trauma to the event. We PPRSD sufferers, though united, each have our unique burdens to bear.

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