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Autism Awareness Repost #4: His Own Commentary


Originally posted July 12, 2011.

His Own Commentary

Over the years, we’ve tried to teach James what he may or may not say in public. It’s hard, because sometimes what he says is exactly what everyone else is thinking. We tell him that, instead, he should think what he wants to say but say, “mmm” instead.

Later, of course, we’ll fade out saying the “mmm”. What we’re doing works for now.

Earlier this summer though, we all experienced a situation that put our efforts in non-commenting to the test.

We were at a park here in the St. Louis area and the person in charge of a certain aspect of the tour was in a foul mood. I have no idea why, but her attitude was so angry and her tone so grating that it was almost palpable. All the adults in the group were looking at each other with what is up with that woman? kinds of looks. My youngest 2 sons were busy and didn’t notice her attitude. My 13 year old knew what was going on, of course. And James, well he clued into the situation, too.

That alone should tell you how out there this woman’s behavior was.

Now, in years past, he might have blurted out, in a concerned tone, “Lady, why are you so grumpy?”

But he held back.

I was watching him, though, and when he looked at the woman again and took a deep breath I immediately hustled him off to the side where he sang this song.

(Sorry for the darkness of the shot.)

Commentary duly noted, James.



  1. Great singing! Maybe the lady would have had an attitude adjustment if she had heard him sing this song.

  2. I’m still surprised every time I hear his voice. SO amazing.

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