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Heart Warming


There are things that happen because of the internet.  Many are bad.  Many are great.

This one made me really happy.

It’s a story of 2 girls, born on the same day in Seoul and adopted 3 months later.

They look exactly alike.  They’ve started a project to see if they are, in fact, identical twins.

Watch the film of their first skype.

I really want this to be true.


And, while I’m on the topic of heart warming things, seen because of the internet, I want to link to this.


You may have already seen it.

I know that these shows are rigged, in that they scout people who actually have talent.  So, I know that this probably didn’t just happen out of the blue.  But the story from the performers standpoint is genuine.  They didn’t expect the response that they got from the audience or from the judges.

I love so many things about this.

His voice.  Unbelievable! Actually, her voice wasn’t at its best that day. It doesn’t matter because all I hear is him.

I also love at the end.  The absolute shock of the singers.  The reaction of the audience.

All of it.

It reminds me that I want to see an opera sometime.


Guess that I’ll put it on my life list.

I hope that y’all are having a good Good Friday.



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